I have not departed from His commands, but have treasured His words more than daily food. Job 23:12 (NLT) God has me sitting in the book of Job longer than I would prefer, but every day I’m in the book of Job I understand why He’s not freed me yet from the book of Job.… Read More


    Jehoshaphat said, “You bet. I’m with you all the way— my troops are your troops, my horses are your horses.” He then continued, “But before you do anything, ask GOD for guidance.” 1 Ki 22:4–5 MSG   In 2018, let’s ask God. Let’s ask God how we can join Him where He’s already… Read More


  Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased. Luke 2:14   We know the Christmas story well. We’ve heard it told through drama, song, and dramatic reading. We take turns reading the Christmas story before presents can be unwrapped. And in Sunday school, we have… Read More


Once you had no identity as a people; now you are God’s people. 1 Peter 2:10   The roles in my life don’t define my identity, they are simply the means by which God matures me as His child. I am a daughter I am a sister I am a granddaughter I am a niece… Read More


When I smiled at them, they could hardly believe it. The light of my face lifted their spirits. Job 29:24 (NIrV)   How many times in a day would you say you smile? How many times in a day would you say you intentionally smile at another person for the sheer hope of lifting their… Read More