We can make our plans,

BUT the LORD determines our steps.

Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)


As you step into 2019, take time to revisit 2018. How were you spiritually nourished? Where did you experience the deepest transformation? Now, look forward to 2019 and let God determine your steps. Let Him lead.

As you begin dreaming about 2019, remember that not everything that is permissible is beneficial as you work your dreams into reality. Seek God for spiritual nourishment with each new commitment. Be mindful of each activity you add to your calendar.

As you fill your 2019 with adventure and opportunity ask…

  • How will this opportunity bring me closer to God?
  • How does this adventure grow my relationship with God?
  • How will this opportunity impact me as I impact others for the Kingdom?
  • How does this adventure sustain me to follow hard after God?

When you ask these questions be prepared to wait patiently for His reply. Allow Him to answer in His timing and His way. Watch for His leading as you make your plans. He will faithfully direct your steps.

Plan your commitments for 2019 based on 2018. Repeat what worked. Release what didn’t. Engage with God more as you let Him determine your steps. To know your next step, stay in step with God.

Living Deeper Still is loosely making plans to allow God room to redirect, if needed.