For everything, there is a season,

a time for every activity under heaven.

Eccl 3:1

Consider deleting distractions from 2018, so you can focus better on 2019!

For example, if I quit tracking my reading progress, through an app that tracks what I read, what I want to read and what I’ve read, then I can focus better on reading more.


What can you stop doing, so you can focus better in another area?


When Dennis and I started dating, we would drive the Palisades Parkway and 9W because we had little money. As we drove, I would occasionally ask him what he was thinking. Always clarifying, “Don’t think about what you’re thinking about. Just share.” It’s harder than you think. Try it.


“What distractions from 2018 can you delete, so you can focus better on 2019?” Without thinking about what you are thinking about, what is your first thought?


I would delete the distraction of my crabby attitude for emptying the dishwasher or folding clothes from the dryer. Then, I can do both chores better with an attitude of gratitude. I admit to you, I have timed myself emptying the dishwasher. And again, folding a basket of whites. I was shocked at how long it didn’t take. I spent more time putting off the chore with grumbling and complaining, then I did to complete the chore.


What can you stop doing, so you can focus better in 2019?


Evaluate your phone apps. Revisit your attitude when completing mundane chores. Pass on the “It’s too good to pass up” ideas that only yield wasted time. Delete so you can do better what needs to be done in 2019!


Walk confidently into the New Year. Free up space to create margin in 2019. You will be more productive, more relaxed, and more focused on living where you are best!


Living Deeper Still is living in God’s best, not on the fringe of your average.