Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk

so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation.

Cry out for this nourishment

1 Peter 2:2


What is on the shelves of your pantry?


Now that our kids are out of the house, more than they are in the house, our fabulous pantry with the pullout shelves is no longer full. My husband and I don’t need the chips, pretzels, cereals, breakfast bars, animal crackers, popcorn, and gummies we supplied weekly for the kids.


But, there is a pantry we heavily stock with highly nutritious items. Before purchasing, we attentively read the labels so we stock only the best. We fill the shelves with high fiber items and no empty calories.


Now that we no longer have a snack pantry, our attention is directed toward a spiritual pantry. The shelves are laden with books that fill our hearts. Resources loaded with beneficial calories for our mind. And materials served as healthy sides to our time in God’s Word.


All of us must make sure we aren’t filling our heart and mind with empty calories. We must spend quality time with content that grows us strong. Resources that lead us Deeper Still in our journey of faith.


Let us be discerning in what we allow into our heart and mind. Attentive to whom we listen to through media outlets. Carefully measuring all we consume against the Word of God.


Daily, I see social media posts advocating clean eating, healthier living, and warnings to stay strong by steering clear of sugary drinks and processed foods.


It’s time to clean out what isn’t beneficial for your growth in Christ and prevents you from the Word of God. Rearrange your spiritual pantry to reflect what is important to you. Restock your shelves with recommended reading from reliable resources.


When this pantry makeover occurs, you are more likely to begin every day with a set-aside time to read your Bible. After you’ve been in the unadulterated Word of God, then take extra time to dive into devotionals or books that bring you back to the Word, confirm your time in the Word and linger in your thoughts well after you’ve walked away from the Word.


Stockpiling your spiritual pantry with satisfying nutrients is Living Deeper Still.