Then Jesus explained:

“My nourishment comes from doing the will of God,

who sent me, and from finishing His work.”

John 4:34


We were auctioned off to the highest bidder and then spent a Saturday working at their house. Whatever task was on their list we completed. There was no limit to the number of tasks and we were expected there for the whole day. Their wish became our command so that we could raise money for summer camp. It was awesome!


That event was one of those youth group memories where we pulled together to raise money so everyone could go to summer camp. The bidders were members of our loving congregation and even though I didn’t personally know who bought me, I was excited to serve her.


However, my excitement was braided with nerves as I drove to her house that Saturday morning. I truly had no idea what tasks would fill her list. What I did know was that there would be tasks, I would be there all day and I was working for money to go to camp. And, I knew all my peers were doing the same thing and at the end of the day we would meet up to share our experiences and testify to God’s faithfulness in providing the funds for summer camp.


On that Saturday, I was not calling the shots. My desires were not a consideration. My dislikes for making beds, cleaning toilets, or dusting trinkets were not a priority. I was expected to clear my schedule and be on time. And I needed to cultivate a willing spirit.


Years later, a youth fundraiser is speaking to my soul. I reflect on that day and on the life of my Savior.  The sacrifice He made and the price He paid so I can know Him, serve Him, and one day spend forever with Him.


Because He paid the highest price for my sins, I live on this earth to serve Him first! I strive to cultivate a willing spirit to be about His tasks and aware of His desires. I clear my schedule so His will is my task for the day.


How do I know His tasks for each of day? I ask and read His Word. Then I listen and watch as I move through my day.


I ask Him what He wants to accomplish through me each day. I ask Him how He wants me to respond so that others will see Him through me. I ask and read His Word so I know the character of His will enabling me to recognize tasks that are of Him.


You see, our days are His! While we are here on earth, He has plans for us and we should want to know His will so one day we will hear Him say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21


Who’s calling the shots in your day?


Is it the One who has called you by name and numbered the hairs on your head? Or, are you calling the shots then asking Him to come along with you, bless you, and protect you while completing your self-appointed tasks?


Jesus set an example for us to follow. If we have indeed, accepted His payment for our sins, then we must walk in obedience to what He asks of us each day. We must, but do we? The truth is, if we’re not listening to Him then we come to our day with our list of tasks, faithfully completing what He didn’t ask us to do.


Imagine how differently my Saturday would have looked had I arrived at her home with my own list of tasks and imagine if I had done only what I wanted to do, what I was comfortable doing and then stayed only as long as I wanted.


My Saturday would not have been a service day for her, but a day of service about me. And when it’s about me, is it truly an act of serving? Joshua 24:15


We need to be about the Lord’s business. We need to follow Christ’s example. His nourishment was to do the will of His Father. So, every task in our every day needs to be about His will for us. 1 Peter 2:21


Living Deeper Still slowly restructures our tasks into His tasks.