Do not waste time arguing over godless ideas and old wives’ tales.

Instead, train yourself to be godly.

1 Timothy 4:7 NLT


Last November, I walked a half marathon. In April, my daughter ran a half marathon. Her training was more intense than my training and she was more disciplined with the distance she weekly ran, but we both completed our races. And, we did our best. Could I have done better, maybe? Could she have done more, probably? But, we both trained to complete our races and are driven to race again.

However, along the way, we both experienced a desire to drop out of the race we had entered. We were tired of the discipline needed to train and instead of training all we wanted was to curl up on the sofa with a favorite book and blanket. But we didn’t give in to the desire to quit. Rachel and I wanted to see our commitment to race through to the end MORE than we wanted the book and the blanket.

While Rachel and I trained, we encouraged each other. We spurred one another on to complete our race. There was very little comparing because there are just too many differences between the two of us.

Life is like our race and we need to be training ourselves to be Godly with more intentionality and commitment as Rachel and I trained for our half marathons.

We need to train our mind to be Godly by reading, studying and memorizing the Word. We need to train our heart to be Godly by following Christ’s example of love. And we need to train our soul to be Godly by accepting His truths as the power of the Holy Spirit reveals them to us.

We need to train ourselves to be Godly MORE than we need to waste our time arguing over godless ideas of this world. The arguments are distractions to our training.

Evaluate your time spent in a day, a week, a month, and a year. How much of your time is spent on activities that have little to do with training yourself to be Godly? Be determined to be faithfully committed to this training. Push through, by the power of the Spirit, when you think you can’t go any further. Then, let God be your strength when all you want is the sofa and a blanket.

Training to be godly is Living Deeper Still.