I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, And in His word do I hope.

Psalm 130:5 (NASB95)


In the midst of raising my children, moms would say, “Just you wait.” And in my mind, I would think, “Well, what else can I do but wait!” Wait for them to sleep through the night. Wait for them to walk. Wait for them to go to school. Parenting is a life of waiting. Waiting for the next milestone or the next better stage of childhood.


But to be honest with you, isn’t life about waiting? Wait for the next paycheck. Wait for a better week. Wait for warmer weather. Wait for vacation.


We can often feel there is nothing that can be done while we wait. But looking back on the last 22 years of parenting, I know my unspoken response to the moms who said, “Just you wait.” wasn’t completely true.


There is something we can do while waiting. We can be in His Word and in His presence as we wait.


Let us find hope in His Word during the waiting so we can experience His light shining brightly into our waiting. This bright light, which comes from the truth of His Word, offers us a Kingdom perspective.


Remember in your waiting that He has gone to prepare a place for you that far exceeds everything you have ever waited for or will ever wait for again, here on earth.


A new home. Another child. A new job. Better weather. A new car. Healthier bodies.


No matter where you find yourself waiting as you read this post, find hope in His Word in the waiting.


Waiting upon the Lord with a hope in His Word is Living Deeper Still.