Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6 (NIrV)


Almighty God, the cross astounds me. It’s the very foundation of my faith.

Lord, the Jewish storekeeper walks with You and talks with You – disciplining his life in You. But without the cross, Father, He cannot be with you. He only knows You of the Old Testament, and that is incomplete. For without knowing Your Son, we cannot know You, our Father.

O God, You are the Great I Am! You sent Your Son to die for us all!

King of kings and Lord of lords, You have no blacklist. Your Son offers forgiveness to all through His shed blood on the cross. No one’s sin is so great that they are out of Your grasp.

Abba, You are patient, wonderfully kind and tolerant – desiring not even one to perish!

Hear O Lord Our God, confessions and declarations unto You just days after worshipping in praise and adoration of our Risen King.

Friends, God has made a way for us to know Him through His one and only Son. Once we have this relationship, we have to share it with others. The Good News of Jesus Christ is not meant to be kept for ourselves, hidden under a bushel. We are called to share. Boldly and confidently!

What in your life has changed with the passing of yet another Resurrection Sunday?

Do you share your faith in Jesus Christ? Do you ask God for opportunities to tell a lost soul they can know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ? Do you seek {with a sincere hope} for the lost to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Let your life lead to conversations about His life. Every day God rises up another breath in your lungs, live “He is Risen!”

Living Deeper Still is making every day a Resurrection Sunday!