I have not departed from His commands,
but have treasured His words more than daily food.
Job 23:12 (NLT)

God has me sitting in the book of Job longer than I would prefer, but every day I’m in the book of Job I understand why He’s not freed me yet from the book of Job.

{Note: Before moving diligently through your Bible reading plan this year, ask God if He wants you to keep moving forward or remain a little longer in a passage.}

So, this particular day, as I sat in Job 23, Matthew Henry’s words resonated with me:

The Word of God is to our souls what our necessary food is to our bodies; it sustains the spiritual life and strengthens us for the actions of life; it is that which we cannot subsist without, and which nothing else can make up the want of: and we ought therefore so to esteem it, to take pains for it, hunger after it, feed upon it with delight, and nourish our souls with it; and this will be our rejoicing in the day of evil, as it was Job’s.

After reading Matthew’s words, and recording them in my journal, I had this thought: Do we treasure His Words more than we treasure our daily food?

If we’re not treasuring God’s Word more than our daily food, we very well may be spiritually starving our heart, mind, and soul from the nutrients found in God’s Word.

If we’re completely honest, we would never willingly starve our bodies of daily food. So let’s faithfully feed our heart, mind, and soul the needed nutrients from God’s Word to grow a vibrant spiritual life so that we are strong in the Word.

Living Deeper Still is treasuring God’s Word more than our daily food.