When I smiled at them, they could hardly believe it.

The light of my face lifted their spirits.

Job 29:24 (NIrV)


How many times in a day would you say you smile? How many times in a day would you say you intentionally smile at another person for the sheer hope of lifting their spirits?


All it can take is a smile. A smile lights up your face, then lifts their spirits.


A smile for the clerk at the grocery store. A smile for the mailman who delivers rain or snow. A smile for the stranger who holds the door.


One simple smile, over and over, throughout your day.


You don’t need to know the clerk at the grocery, the mailman or the stranger to lift their spirits. You just need a warm, sincere smile.


Let your smile light up your face. Then, let the light of your face lift their spirits.


Walk through the holiday season with the simple goal of lifting other’s spirits with your smile.


Offering a smile to lift the spirits of others is Living Deeper Still.