psalm 55-4



“Oh, that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest!”

Psalms 55:6 NLT


Before you read any further, be aware that this an unedited-straight from a vacation hangover heart-post!


Reentering life – better known as “normal” – is challenging when for the last nine days every day looked like the day before. There was no agenda but rest. There was no schedule but what you wanted to do. There was absolutely no expectations but to feed the hungry at 6:30 each night. The answer to the question, “What are we doing tomorrow?” was a simple “Groundhog Day!” Rest. Do what you want. No expectations.


It was good to get away. It was good to slow down. It was good to be.


I proclaim we all need more rest in this “Busier is Better” culture! More rest each day, each week, each month leads to more rest each year. If this is a need, why don’t we rest more? There’s a chance we don’t rest at some point in our day to avoid feeling unproductive. There’s a chance we can’t rest during our week because our kids fill our calendar. And there’s a chance we don’t even realize another month has zipped right by, leaving no rest in its wake.


We need rest from our To Do list.

We need rest from the hatred in the world filling our screens.

We need rest from everything normal in our lives. Once in a while.


We need rest to refresh and refocus our hearts and minds. We need to step away in order to step into God’s embrace. May all of us not wait for a week’s vacation once a year to know rest in our lives. One week, once a year, is not enough to sustain us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Shorter periods of rest more frequently is a much better option than a week’s rest once a year.


Rest is a period of inactivity, tranquility or solitude. Resting in our day, within our week, every month needs to be a non-negotiable. Rest daily from social media with a glass of iced-tea and the chirping of the birds. Rest from errands for an afternoon hike and picnic on a Saturday afternoon. Rest from everything “normal” about your life for enjoyment, refreshment, and refocus. Making time for this rest brings a stronger and more vibrant you into all of your tomorrows.


Identify where in your day you will make time for rest.

Identify where in your week you will make time for rest.

Identify where in your month you will make time for rest.

Then identify your favorite places to rest and go there more often.


Stepping away in order to step into His restful embrace is Living Deeper Still.