The door is almost closed on 2015 and I am grateful to be surrounded by such a supportive Deeper Still Team. Mona’s love for social media is what made Pride vs Praise in Parenting her favorite 2015 blog post. Pride vs Praise resonated with me because I love social media, but I am very much… Read More

  How appropriate Melinda would pick Change is the new normal as her favorite 2015 post. We are so close to a new year which guarantees change for all at some point.  Accept Melinda’s challenge to trust in God at all times. I’ve had most of this same conversation with God fairly regularly as we… Read More

  Deeper Still is spending our final weeks in 2015 sharing our favorite posts with you. Favorite posts for the Deeper Still Team is defined by the post which spoke to your journey Deeper Still with the Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. This week Jane shares When is enough, enough? as her favorite 2015 post… Read More

  Sharing favorite 2015 blog posts is a great reminder of how God spoke throughout 2015. This week Candace shares why KNOWING what I know is her favorite post. Deeper Still Ministries is continually blessed with Candace’s creativity. I grew up going to church twice a week and going to a Christian school. This meant I had… Read More

  As we see 2015 end this last month of the year, I asked the Deeper Still Team to share with you their favorite blog of year. (I would love to hear your favorite blog and why should you choose to share!) This week Jenn, our faithful blog editor and social media expert, shares why… Read More