The voice of the Lord is powerful,

The voice of the Lord is majestic.

Psalm 29:4


When life-altering decisions knock on families’ doors, knowing God is vital.


We need to spend quality time talking with God. Asking for wisdom into each decision for our families. We should be making decisions for our family based on our relationship with God.


Many years ago, my husband read an article about Halloween that rattled his heart and mind, and changed the course of our children’s Halloween memories. In talking with God about what he read and what he should do for his family, the door for God’s voice to be heard opened wide.


Our family wasn’t going to participate in Halloween.


As kids, both my husband and I dressed up for Halloween. And we both remembered pillow cases full of candy to be divided and counted on the family room floor before bed.


How many Snickers?

How many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

How many Skittles?


There were many happy memories centered around candy!


For many years after our decision, I wasn’t sure I felt allowing our kids to dress up to collect candy was that big of a deal. But, I was sure it was that big of a deal to honor my husband’s decision to listen to God’s voice.


Our children were just toddlers when my husband heard God’s voice regarding Halloween. As they grew we explained why Halloween was that big of a deal for our family. I won’t say they always understood, but they knew we were seeking to obey God’s voice in our decisions as parents.


Over the years we have shared with many people about our act of obedience to God when He asked us to let go of a childhood tradition for His family. It is not our responsibility to try to change minds or push our call to obedience upon others.

We must remember, we are each responsible to obey God’s voice as He calls us to obedience, just as each of my three children are individually responsible to obey my voice as I call them to obedience.


My questions for you:

Are you placing yourself in a position to hear God’s voice when He calls?

Are you placing yourself in a position to respond to His voice when He calls?


It’s not about Halloween. It’s about our obedience to God’s voice, because obeying God’s voice is that big of a deal.


Obeying His Voice for the sake of your family is Living Deeper Still.