So, LET US make every effort to enjoy that rest.

Hebrews 4:11

God is moving in lives right now. Hearts are on fire to serve Him, love Him, hear Him, and draw near to Him. Kelly’s heart is alive with the passion of God’s Word. Anyone around her for five seconds will see it, hear it, and know it. Hear Kelly’s passion through the power of words as she shared with me one week after our early morning study time together!

This week I found rest, true rest, God’s rest. After so many years of feeling restless, God has revealed to me through prayer and His Word the best rest I have ever experienced.


The verse that started this quest for rest was Hebrews 4:11, So LET US make every effort to enjoy that rest.  Then no one will fall into sin by following the example of those who didn’t obey God.


My first reaction was to thank the Lord for validating my enjoyment of sleep!


As I spent more time nestled up with God, He illuminated my heart in a way that still has me awestruck. I soon realized rest was more than just nice experiences or a good night of sleep, it is a new way of life that I missed out on for so many years.


This scripture was spoon fed to me in my early Wednesday morning Bible study, Words with God, written and led by Lisa Meiners. Even though I have read the complete Bible twice, I needed this truth to be slowly fed to me before it could become a reality in my life.


I started to seek God’s Word and His heart, deeper still, and I learned that Noah is the Hebrew word rest. In Genesis 6:8 (KJV) it says, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.




This inspired me to know HOW to enter God’s rest and live in HIS grace DAILY!


The first thing I did was make intentional time with God. I believe God expects us to take a rest, as He did on the seventh day, so that we don’t jump ahead of HIM in our lives. We need time to refocus on HIS plans so that we don’t fall into the sin mentioned in Hebrews 4:11 by living carelessly.


I have been asking the Lord to soften my heart for two years now as I had some very painful experiences come my way, but I never stopped to LISTEN until recently. The writer of Hebrews quoted David, in Psalms 95, by saying, Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts. (NLT)


There was no doubt I had heard His voice, and I think He was making it clear – I have to enter HIS rest so that my heart doesn’t harden against HIM or His precious children.


Finally, I realized rest is a matter of love. Resting in God shows my love for HIM. And that my friends, is how we can ENJOY rest and experience His mercies that are new every day!


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Don’t miss what God is speaking to you by being so busy you miss His voice. Slow down and rest. Then, you will hear Him.


Seeking His rest for your life is Living Deeper Still.