How sweet are Your words to my taste!
Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103


When is enough, enough? I wish I was better at the discipline, enough is enough, when eating.


Some of us have great reasons to not stopping at enough when it comes to food. We enjoy the food, so we eat it. We are Gold Level members of the Clean Plate Club. We were trained not to waste food. But still, are these good enough reasons to go beyond enough?


Recently, enough is enough came up at my book table. I was asked how to take Unfolding the Truth: Galatians and make it last three months for a gal who goes to Florida for the winter. Last year was her first winter to be in Florida, and she loved every minute. However, she came home spiritually depleted because she loved her free time so much that she neglected her study time.


This year, she has decided she isn’t going to Florida without her Bible study. So together, we begin to work through how to take a 6-week Bible study and make it last 12 weeks. As we flipped through the pages of Unfolding the Truth: Galatians, God spoke to my heart saying, Stop at enough.


Stop at enough means study until you discern sweetness.

Stop at enough means taste His sweet words.

Stop at enough means absorb the sweetness for your very heart, soul, and mind.


We don’t have to do the whole lesson just because the whole lesson is all we know how to do. We don’t have to fill more into our minds than our minds can hold. We don’t have to study it all when all we need is to taste.


As I looked into her eyes I knew she got it. The look of excitement laced with relief was exhilarating! Just work through the study until you are full and then stop, at enough.


Even if you’re not at the end of the lesson.

Even if you only got to the second question.

Even if it has only been 15 minutes.


When you have been filled with God’s Word then stop, at enough.


Our goal should be to taste the sweetness of God’s Word each time we sit down to read and study.


The next time you have free Bible study time, taste the sweetness of God’s Word by stopping at enough. Let your stopping point be that point at which you have tasted the sweetness of God’s Word. Then begin absorbing that sweetness into your heart, mind and soul.


Stopping at enough is Living Deeper Still.