A testimony is God moving in your life to draw you into salvation and then God moving in your life to draw you closer to Him. Sharing our testimonies reveal God’s power and glory as He is at work within hearts and minds. Marilyn shares a perspective you may not have thought before today.

While writing my book, Gone Fishing, Evangelism Can Be Fun, I realized something. Every person in Scripture has a testimony of their religious journey. Either a testimony which led them to God, or a rejection of God. As I read through Scripture, it was fun for me to imagine how their testimony might read.

Let us consider the Criminal on the Cross (Luke 23:32-43):


I grew up in a good home. I had several older brothers whom I adored. When I became a teenager, I longed to follow my brothers. Little did I know that their path led them down the wrong road and before I could make a U-Turn, I was caught up in their evil ways. I followed the wrong crowd and soon ended up becoming a criminal.  Definition:  felon, crook, gangster. I was all of these and more.

I heard about this man Jesus. He preached some kind of Good News. I remember a time when I stopped and listened to Him. I thought to myself, if only what He said were true for my life. I was tired of my way of living and knew someday I would get caught and made to pay.

That day finally came. I was destined to die on a cross with two other men. Imagine my surprise when one of those men turned out to be Jesus. What on earth had He done to deserve death?

As we hung there dying, my partner hurled insults at Jesus.

When I looked at Jesus I saw love, compassion and forgiveness. I didn’t deserve forgiveness, but I dared to look at Him and ask this question, Will you remember me when you come into your Kingdom?

I held my breath.

Would He forgive a criminal?

With great compassion He said, Today, you will be with me in paradise.

I was destined to die.

Jesus gave me life instead. Hallelujah!!


As you read through Scripture, use your imagination to write the testimony of characters such as Joseph, Daniel, Peter, Barabbas, and Mary Magdalene.

Remember, Jesus died for every Old and New Testament character. Each had their own journey in meeting God. And as you imagine their testimonies, think about your own.


Sharing your journey to Jesus with someone else is Living Deeper Still.