readingflipchartIt was my job this particular morning to brainstorm with a fifth grade class How they felt about reading. I encouraged them to share brutally honest feelings, good and bad. After giving them 30 seconds of thought time, their hands shot up like the space shuttle from Kennedy Space Center. One by one they shared their honest feelings.

  • Grateful
  • Not very good
  • Scared
  • Bored
  • Inviting
  • Tiring
  • Bodacious
  • Sickening
  • Exhilarating
  • Ecstatic
  • Struggling
  • Fun

The next thought the fifth graders were to brainstorm was – What do you know about reading? This took a little more effort, but after the first couple of suggestions they seemed to catch on.

  • Learn new words
  • Inspires you to do something
  • Engage in a book
  • Focus and see the words
  • Takes tons of time
  • Makes me think
  • You can see the words in your mind’s eye

Review this honest list of fifth grade feelings toward reading, this time thinking specifically about reading God’s Word. I encourage you, as I did them, to be brutally honest with the good and bad feelings you have toward reading His Word. Are there any words you might add?

Reading List.Forbes (2)

If I were sitting across from you today, with a cup of coffee in my hand, sharing what God has done in my last 24 hours I would share this chart. It wasn’t until after the fifth grade class went to lunch and I put this list on the board that I realized this is how many of us feel about reading God’s Word.

God’s Word is full of new words that inspire us to do something after we have engaged with and truly focused to see the words. It does take tons of time, over a period of time – not all at one sitting, to effectively engage and think about what we are reading. But, it is worth every minute we engage with God’s Word, thinking about how He is speaking.

Typically, what we know to be true about reading God’s Word, we know from experience. What would you add to the second list?

Granted, we aren’t fifth graders. But, after a morning brainstorming how they feel about reading, I realize, in the area of reading, there aren’t a lot of differences in our thoughts on reading, only in the books we read.

I closed our reading lesson with a simple charge to embrace reading for all it is!

And for you and me, reading God’s Word is essential as a maturing follower of Christ. It’s not an option, just as reading in a fifth grade class isn’t an option. To hear God speak, we must be in His Word. To know Him, we must be in His Word. God’s Word is a book we can’t afford to abandon because of our feelings about reading.

I continually pray for all to learn, by His power, to love reading His Word, allowing it to inspire and grow their faith.

Opening your heart and mind to persistently read God’s Word is Living Deeper Still.