Just when I think I know normal, something changes.


Just when our home falls into a summer routine, school begins. Just when we have a dinner routine, practice begins. Just when I begin to know a new normal, it all changes again.


Change is the new normal.


According to, normal is regular. Like I regularly go to the dentist, twice a year. I get my haircut on a regular basis, every four weeks. I get my oil changed regularly, every 3,000 miles. Normal is regular.


Because there is very little outside of my scheduled dentist visits, haircuts and oil changes that seem normal, I started questioning myself during my walks.


Does normal really exist? Can we sustain normal only for an extended period of time? What happens when our normal is no longer normal? Why do I strive to have a normal? Do we even have the right to expect normal?


What conclusion did I come to at the end of my walk and talk with God? Change is inevitable and there is no normal. Life isn’t normal nor should I expect it be.


Whether you are experiencing an empty nest as your baby has left for college, or you are experiencing freedom because your baby has left for all-day kindergarten or first grade, change is here.


Whether you are moving to a new state or moving to a new city, change is here.


Whether you are starting a new job or a new marriage, change is here.


Change is inevitable and the only thing normal about change is that it will change.


There are less than five biblical references to normal. One example is God parting the Red Sea for Moses to then return the Red Sea back to normal as the Egyptians started to cross. (Exodus 14:27)


The truth is, change is all over the pages of God’s Word.


Abraham’s life changed. Noah’s life changed. Joseph’s life changed. Mary’s life changed. Lives never to be normal again.


Change is inevitable and through change I believe we see how God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).


His compassion is steady and ready. His love is unfailing and plenty. His forgiveness is unconditional and never runs out. There is nothing normal about God, yet He is unchanging.


Live your life as though there were no normal. Embracing every change God brings your way as though He designed it specifically to strengthen your relationship with Him. I know, this is easier said than done. Believe me when I say I am typing from a position where I am letting go of normal to embrace change from a God who loves me, cherishes me and calls me His own.


Living Deeper Still means opening the door to welcome change while waving good-bye to normal, as you’ve always known it to be.