It was a great summer Bible study session! The women, the homework, the table discussions and the teaching by Priscilla Shirer. Gideon’s life will be etched into my heart and mind because we looked deep and wide this summer.

One of my favorite parts this summer was the willingness the women had for sharing God’s involvement in their lives with all of us.

It’s not easy to share stories of God’s involvement with a group you have just met, but these women did and because they did we experienced rich authenticity in our time together.

Our last week together one of our women was unable to attend, but rather than letting God’s involvement in her life remain untold, she emailed me. I thank her for taking the time to contact me and share God’s involvement in her life. I also thank her for allowing me to continue sharing the story her today.

I continue bringing God glory for His involvement in Betsy’s life.

I was convicted about my tithing and how I should not even think twice, but just give first and trust God after that. We have been giving, but I have sometimes thought about what else I could pay if I didn’t tithe. Well, I had a payday while gone and I chose to not think twice. I got online and have my tithe. Then, I went to the grocery (in Virginia Beach). I purchased $135 in groceries.  When the clerk scanned the store card (because I was not a resident and didn’t have their discount store card) my groceries came down to $16.42. I told the cashier that something must have gone wrong.  After discussion with the manager, it was determined that I had won $100 in free groceries.  It was a new promotion that started that day, and I was the first one to win. I don’t expect those things from God on a regular basis, but it was confirmation that my convictions were right and I was making a God honoring decision about my tithing and not second guessing that commitment. Blessings!

I believe Betsy’s struggle with obedience is an area we have all struggled with. I loved her transparency as she shared her struggle. Even more, I love how God, who didn’t have to involve Himself in this amazing way, chose to shower down upon her as only He could do!

God is God. When He calls us to obedience there should be no expectation of a prize. But when, in His extravagant grace, He chooses to – wow! It’s a splendor from heaven showered down upon ones so undeserving. Amen.

May we continue to live in obedience from a deep love and devotion. Then, may we boldly share God’s involvement through His extravagant grace!


Living Deeper Still means obedience for no other reason but our love and devotion to God our Father.