Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…

Matthew 28:19 NIV84

We can become so caught up in our life that we forget and don’t pay attention to those who are lost or ignorant to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.


How our busy lives must please Satan; how he must feel accomplished with how full our schedules are allowing no room for God’s intervention for the lost.


Life isn’t supposed to pass us by at NASCAR, speed allowing only for pit stops to recoup and repair. Life is supposed to be about living out our faith in Jesus Christ, sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and anticipating His return for us one day.


Marilyn continues sharing her evangelism wisdom with challenging words for following up with the new believers we know. Convicting words? Yes, but true in content and well worth taking a second look at what should be the #1 priority in our life here on earth.


Heaven is for real. And so is hell.

Discipleship involves a lot, but one of the most important things you can do with a new believer is read the Bible with them – teaching them how to read, understand, respond to, and apply God’s Word.


Yet, too often what happens is after the “amen,” we send them on their way, alone, floundering in their new Christian walk. We may invite them to church and give them a Bible, but I can tell you from experience that if you do not get involved in the new believer’s life on a one-on-one basis, discipling them, they are not going to grow.


So how do you do this?


The same way Jesus did.  He took 12 spiritually ignorant men and spent three years teaching them, loving them, showing them, listening to them, answering their questions so when He was no longer with them they could share the Gospel and win others to Christ as well.


After I led Terry and Debbie to Christ, I knew the hard part of this journey was about to begin. I would have to sacrifice an evening of time to spend with them. I would have to prepare extra lessons, just for them.


Did I have the time to give?

Would I give it?


We started an interesting Bible study. They had NO idea how to read or study the Bible.   It required patience on my part to wait for them to find the chapter we were studying, to understand what the Bible was saying, and to answer the many questions they had.  We discussed the key items of discipleship:  Assurance of salvation, Attributes of God, Bible, Prayer, Holy Spirit, Fellowship, Witnessing, Temptation and Obedience.


Once they had a grasp of these, we then began studying specific stories in the Bible.


That was 17 years ago. We still meet for study. They have actually taught some of our studies AND are actively ministering in their church.


A new believer must be discipled. If you lead a person to Christ, it becomes your responsibility to help her grow, whether it takes two weeks or two years, spend time with them.  A suggested resource:  One to One Discipling.

Living Deeper Still means making the time to help new believer grow in their faith. Ask God what He would have you to do. I am confident He has a plan to share with you.


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