It was my job this particular morning to brainstorm with a fifth grade class How they felt about reading. I encouraged them to share brutally honest feelings, good and bad. After giving them 30 seconds of thought time, their hands shot up like the space shuttle from Kennedy Space Center. One by one they shared… Read More

  Just when I think I know normal, something changes.   Just when our home falls into a summer routine, school begins. Just when we have a dinner routine, practice begins. Just when I begin to know a new normal, it all changes again.   Change is the new normal.   According to, normal… Read More

  It was a great summer Bible study session! The women, the homework, the table discussions and the teaching by Priscilla Shirer. Gideon’s life will be etched into my heart and mind because we looked deep and wide this summer. One of my favorite parts this summer was the willingness the women had for sharing… Read More

  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19 NIV84 We can become so caught up in our life that we forget and don’t pay attention to those who are lost or ignorant to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.   How our busy lives must please Satan; how he must feel accomplished with… Read More