Sunday nights were at Dave and Barb’s house. Wednesday nights were led by Dave and Barb. Summer canoe trips were because of Dave and Barb. Dave and Barb were a part of my youth group days therefore part of my spiritual history. But, in all the time I have known Dave and Barb I… Read More

    I was very glad when they said to me, ‘LET US go up to the house of the LORD.’ Psalm 122:1   I am overcome by all of Psalm 122. In this Psalm from David, he is greatly anticipating standing in Jerusalem where the house of his LORD is.   I am overcome… Read More

    For the past few months I have been working on my memorization skills. Something I’ve not truly done since summer camp when I could earn points for my team by memorizing the verse of the day. Back then there was motivation for putting my memorization skills to work, but today there is no… Read More

    I have been watching the AD Series, which finished a couple of Sundays ago. My in-laws were visiting the weekend I watched two back episodes. I literally got so excited in my family room as Philip and the eunuch appeared on our screen because of my mother-in-law’s blogs. My family just smiled kindly… Read More