You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run…   Clearly, this evokes images of God’s grace. Right?   Random thoughts. We all have them. And when they pop into our heads, they make perfect sense, to us anyway. So how can… Read More

  Priscilla Shirer gave a phrase in my first week’s study of Gideon that won’t let me go. As typical for me, when I find a strong spiritual principle directly connected to my relationship with God, I pause to examine areas in my life where this spiritual principle is a barrier in my earthly relationships.… Read More

    This Sunday is Father’s Day. How will you celebrate?   Over the past few years, my husband has reminded my children that it’s not his responsibility to celebrate me on Mother’s Day. He has his mother to celebrate, and it’s my kids’ responsibility to celebrate me. I’m not sure how I feel about… Read More

love (friendship) n. — the state of being inclined to help or support someone or something; especially not being antagonistic or hostile.   We were in the hallway between the sanctuary and the nursery that Sunday morning. I walked past her with a destination in mind but stopped to say good morning. Why? I don’t… Read More

  Marilyn’s passion for sharing her faith in Jesus Christ is contagious. She has story after story of opportunities God has presented to her. Many of which are in her book, Gone Fishing.   I do not naturally think about sharing my faith in Jesus Christ at every step. I do not naturally think about… Read More