“You will be better parents if you spend time alone together,

and they will be happier kids.”


The magic blanket came out when my husband and I wanted to sleep in on Saturday mornings or were going to entertain without children.


My ulterior motive behind the green and white blanket was unseen by my children. They simply knew if the magic blanket was out before bed on Friday night there would be Pop Tarts or Saturday cereal (aka – sugar cereal) waiting for them when they woke up, along with the remote. I believe when it comes to convincing little kids something is a good idea, it’s all in the presentation!


It’s sad to say that it took me longer than it should have to realize the only reason our children woke us up way early on Saturday mornings by “checking on us” was their hunger. Like most parenting tricks, through trial and error we found the green and white blanket brought our desired result for Saturday mornings. More Sleep and alone time!


After our Saturday success, we brought the magic blanket out for times when we wanted entertain friends without children. We would spread the blanket in the basement with the Lunchables each child had picked at the grocery, along with the remote or a favorite DVD. Bingo! We had adult conversation and fun while they had the preferred dinner of champions and a movie.


One additional rule, that kept their fun coming, was they were not allowed off the magic blanket unless the bathroom was needed. Otherwise, the magical blanket went away, along with its Saturday morning treats or kid fun dinners. Believe it or not, I never remember putting the magic blanket away because the children could play by the rules.


It’s all in the presentation, when it comes to convincing little kids it’s a good idea.


You may be knee deep in these days with the magic blanket, or years away from those days, but can recall ways you and your spouse creatively created time for one another. Will you share?