From behind, I lean over my 13 month old, placing index fingers in front so he can grasp tightly with his tiny little hand. Then, we begin moving forward, taking one tiny step at a time, together. He falls a few steps later, but we are filled with joy, clapping for his small success of… Read More

Come Lord Jesus into the piercing pain existing in our world. Come Lord Jesus into the depths of despair filling hearts broken in pieces. Come Lord Jesus into the forceful isolation due to wrong decisions.   My finger found the end call button while tears streamed from the corners of my eyes. Why, the first… Read More

The hall switch had just been flipped, turning out the hall lights as we headed to bed.  Dreams had just about taken over when the doorbell rang, my mom’s slippers shuffled across the carpet to the front door.  Muffled voices could be heard from my bedroom as my mom headed back upstairs, straight into my… Read More